Make them stop giving out my number
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a supreme annoyance: apparently, the phone company (who knows which one) has updated someone else's residential phone # with an automated response that gives... my cell phone #. [mi]

after googling and dialing "0" to no avail, i'm stuck. who do i contact and how do i fix this?

ps. he's in legal trouble; i know because the law office and the police have called multiple times, even though i've told them to take my # of their lists.
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Figure out which company owns your prefix, and file a complaint with your local public utility commission.
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Did any of the callers tell you the original number they were trying to reach? If you get a call from the police again, politely explain the situation and ask for the number. With the original disconnected phone number you can track down the proper phone company to contact to fix this.
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Forgot to add: When you get the original phone number go here to find out the LEC:
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I'm guessing that the police or someone who has called has asked for this person by name. You could look in the phone book or call information to find out the number (information might not work if it's been off for a while), so you could locate what company it is.
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LOL. That's nothing. The Bell guy set the voicemail forward on our business to someone's home address. That caused a couple of days excitement. :-D

I haven't a clue how it happened, but it seemed to be reliable at getting the same person each time.
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