Visa service recommendations?
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Visa service recommendations to get a tourist visa for China?

The Chinese consulate requires visa applications to be made in person. I'd rather avoid the logistics of going to NYC, a five hour drive from where I live.

There are numerous businesses on the web offering visa services (e.g.,, but I'm wary of FedExing my passport to anyone without any way of knowing if they're legit. Hence my appeal to the Hive Mind:

Have you had a good experience with a visa service, for China or any other country?
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I very recently had a 100% satisfactory experience with American Passport.

I picked them based on recommendations in an earlier AskMeFi thread.
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I can't personally vouch for them, but someone I work with used: China Visa Service Center

She received an email letting her know her passport and forms had been received, and another with tracking information when they sent it back. By her account they were reliable and fast.
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I work with an adventure travel company and we use visa services all the time for clients. Not everyone lives near a major city with a consulate, nor do people have the time or patience to spend hours standing in line to do the paperwork.

In fact, one of our staff members just left for China last week and used a visa service we recommend for our clients. They were very good and informed her the whole way what was happening with her visa when there were problems and took care of them immediately. MeMail me if you want the name of the company.
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I've been using Zierer Visa Service (ZVS, which is owned by CIBT and connected to China Visa Service) for lots and lots of people at my job recently. I can recommend them as a completely legit company who have gotten the job done.

The regulations for visas to China have been changing by the minute. Make sure you send a bank statement along with the usual documentation of flights, hotels, etc.
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I had good luck with Travisa. I do not recommend going to the NY Chinese Consulate...what a hassle.
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