Are expired multivitamins safe?
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Is it safe to take multivitamins that are past their expiration date?

I bought some multivitamins a couple years ago but never got in a successful habit of taking them everyday. I would like to try again. But the expiration date on the bottle says 12/06. Is it actually dangerous (or useless) to take these pills?

I know it would be best to just buy some new vitamins, but they are somewhat expensive and I'd prefer to not make another investment knowing how well I stuck with it last time.
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Best answer: They are generally safe, but do lose potency. Ones as old as you say are probably useless by now.
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This will depend substantially on how you stored them. If they were in a warm, humid cabinet, then I would toss them and get new ones. If they were in a cool dry place I would suspect they are ok but I would question whether I'm getting the promised nutrition and whether any chemical breakdowns might offset the health benefits.
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Best answer: Previously.
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I had some multivitamins that were a year old and kept taking them infrequently. Nothing bad happened, but I have no idea if they did any good, because as Grither said, they do lose potency. Eventually they started to smell funny and got little green specks on them so I threw them out.

These old pills while not being as potent, may help you get in the rhythm of taking one every day.

If you do decide to purchase new ones, ignore the "bigger is a better bargain" mindset. Get a small bottle, a months worth? and if you can stick to it then get some more, but don't waste your money on giant bulk bottles if you think you might have a problem finishing them.

Another hint, sometimes you don't need a multivitamin. I generally eat okay, but my trouble area is iron so instead of taking a whole multivitamin I just take an iron supplement. Has helped so far.
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I don't about vitamins per se, but a doctor friend of mine told me that prescription drugs, a year past their 'expired date,' were perfectly fine to take. I'd imagine the same is true for vitamins.
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i don't think expired vitamins or medications will harm you - it's just that they will lose potency and not have the desired effect.
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echoing silkygreenbelly, if you get a new bottle, go with a small one even if it's more per pill -- also, when I got back into the multivitamin habit I went with kids' gummi vitamins, which are silly, but I TAKE them, which is more than I can say about the horsepills I had (and threw out) before that.
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They're not dangerous, possibly useless. Eat them, if your pee is bright yellow, then they're working.
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Multivitamis are not natural, I'm convinced they are not helpful in any ways.
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If they are oil based, then I'd toss them. Things like Vitamin E, Flax Seed Oil, and Omegas go rancid. If they are standard hard pills - they are probably not fully potent, but probably not going to do you any harm.

Children's multivitamins can be a good way to establish the habit. Here at the Casa de 26.2, we're big fans of the Centrum Dora the Explorer pills. If you check the label the adult and children's vitamins are often nutritionally identical. Children's vitamins are also usually cheaper.
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