Promotional/Personalized Items for a Small Business?
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Where can I buy personalized pens and polo shirts in low quantities - like a dozen or two?

My husband's leaving his job and is going to start his own business. I'd like to surprise him with his company name on pens in the drawer where his current employers pens fill the space, and maybe even a couple polo shirts replacing his work shirts in the closet - just for fun and to make is feel more "official" straight off.

I must not be googling the right things, because I'm either finding sites where you have to buy hundreds of something, or crappy stuff. Where can I find promotional items or logo wear for the small business? Thanks for the suggestions!
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Check with your local Costco/BJs/warehouse store. This is usually one of the services they offer through an affiliate, although I am not sure what the minimum order would be.
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I've had good luck with pens one at a time are free. plus shipping, of course : ) decent cards too. even door magnets. They do tend to send email every day which can get annoying, but that's why the good lord in her infinite wisdom invented the delete button
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Check for local uniform shops in the phone book. They will do small orders on customized clothing. (My wife works at one.) Pens and stuff like will likely be much more difficult to order in small quantities at a price you'll be happy with.
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CafePress does this too.
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I had excellent service from Give them a call and ask about very low minimum items.
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Thank you all so much!
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Zazzle is actually pretty good even though it is aimed towards Moms and stuff.
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I'd second the recommendation for Vistaprint but suggest that that's what throwaway email addresses are for ;-)
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Emails everyday from a vendor is what rules and filters are for.

I use for t-shirts. A local trophy shop would probably provide this service too. Crown trophy comes to mind. It is a national franchise.
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Lands End will embroider any company logo onto all manner of things, and you don't have to buy a huge quantity.
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