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In the US, what cable channels do I need to have complete coverage of the 2008 Olympics?

NBC is quite vague on their website, simply saying there will be 5 channels of coverage. I don't have cable currently, but I'm thinking about getting it for a month to watch the games. Thanks.
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I can't find anything definitive on the web, but if I had to guess from the other NBCU channels, it would probably be USA, TNT, MSNBC and maybe Bravo. There could also be some on CNBC instead of Bravo. Most cable packages will have most of those in the first tier of channels, although maybe not for Bravo, CNBC and MSNBC.
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I like to watch Canadian coverage of the Olympics (in addition to NBC coverage). It might be worth it to see if you can also get CBC.
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CNBC definitely had some coverage in the last Olympics.
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From NBCOlympics.com

The nightly Primetime shows will feature live swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball action, broadcast the following morning from Beijing (12 hours ahead of Eastern Time). Extensive cable coverage will be offered on USA, MSNBC, CNBC and Oxygen, with high-definition broadcasts on NBC's HD affiliates, USA HD and Universal HD. Spanish-language coverage will be provided by Telemundo.
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The nightly Primetime shows will feature live swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball action...

Gee, I wonder why they chose those three sports?

Seconding Allstar's CBC suggestion. They'll do things like 16 consecutive hours of whatever, even in the middle of the night. Less hype.
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Thanks bitdamaged. I couldn't find that on the site! :)
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NBC's online coverage is said to be massive this year:

In addition, the site itself will offer more than 3,500 hours of exclusive video, including 2,200 hours of live streams, plus full-event replays and extensive highlights -- all free and on demand throughout the Games. Powered by MSN's Silverlight technology, NBCOlympics.com's video will allow users to further customize their experience -- whether by selecting picture-in-picture functionality, watching simultaneous views of multiple events, or setting on-screen alerts and more. This same Olympic video will also be available on mobile devices and cable VOD packages

No ideas if there will be live streams of events that will be shown later on TV, which is always the downside of NBC coverage...
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If, unlike the stockmarket, past performance is a reliable predictor of future performance, then CBC (the Canadian public broadcaster) is your choice for live coverage. "Highlights" shown by American broadcasters have always been packaged up into some nauseating video equivalent of Reader's Digest.
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