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i'm heading to birmingham, alabama from new orleans to see tom waits at the alabama theater next thursday (yea!). my compadre & i would like to hit some thrift stores along the way. anyone have any good recommendations for thrifty places along i-59 between these two cities? thanks.

bonus for anyone who can recommend a good hotel/motel that doesn't cost an arm & a leg. and thanks to ScottUltra who posted this link to the thrift store directory in a previous question.
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In Birmingham area, I would suggest checking out:

The Foundry Thrift Store in Bessemer.

America's Thrift Store in Midfield.

The Hotel Highland at Five Points South may be your best bet for a decent room at a decent price in an interesting area. It is a five minute drive from the Alabama Theater to the hotel. You can get a room for around $110.00 a night plus tax - every other decent hotel in the downtown area (the Tutwilwer, the Redmont, the Sheraton) will be at least $170-$200 a night.

The other motels in the downtown Birmingham area are basically crack motels...
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The DoubleTree on 20th Street is about $100 a night, and an easy cab ride to the Alabama Theater.

I sent you a MeFiMail, btw.
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Milkspiller in Hattiesburg, MS gets good reviews, especially for vinyl. If you get by there, tell 'em "The Deadman sent me." (I have a website for local musicians, and many folks know this very alive, not-so-coordinated girl as "Dead Man Dancing.")

Hattiesburg in general is a very cool little town. MeFiMail me, if you wish to learn more.
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