Revisiting career changing question of a year ago.
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Remember me? Well it's a year later, a LOT has changed and I have more questions! Come on inside, out of those wet clothes and we can have a nice chat by the fire.

Ok, so last year I asked some questions on here and the responses led to me changing my life. So first off, thanks to all that helped me to gain the confidence to move forward!

After realizing that I would not be throwing everything away by changing my career path, I actually went a step further and bought a motorbike, shipped it over to Europe and while working with my web design company as my only source of income I rode over 9,000miles (14.000kms) around Europe over the last 6 months! I left in December and have had the time of my life and truly changed the way I view the world. I am now here in Helsinki, Finland back to trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

I am soon to be a permanent resident here in Finland. I still have all the experiences previously mentioned, but a different view on what I want. One of the posters previously mentioned something that triggered something within me. So I have been doing some more research into robotics, AI and other types of automation as they are a strong part of my background and something that I am truly interested in. So I am beginning to put my resume (CV) together to look into these fields.

As I have my web company still, I am in no rush to find something. I have the time and ability to wait for the right opportunity. I just don't know where to look.

I want to stay located outside of the states for now. Not making any political statements with this, just enjoying life overseas for now. Doesn't need to be Finland as I can move around EU easy enough, but could also be Asia, Africa or wherever I can get work permission easy enough.

But what I would really like is to find contract work. 3-6month assignments. Or a company that is looking for someone to handle their international duties.

For example, I found one company that is looking for someone to travel extensively on assignments, but wants them to return stateside and work in the labs during the down time. Sounds perfect to me, if they let me return to Europe (or wherever I am living at the time) during those down times.

I'm sure that there is high demand somewhere for a skilled, technical type project manager that is willing to travel/be stationed overseas for periods at a time, I just don't know where to find these type positions. Is there a database somewhere?

I've looked through many job listing sites (Monster, CL, Jobster etc) but there's no listing for these type positions. And without going through each and every post on every site, I am having difficulties. I don't fit in any of the categories, nor can I easily search by location.

So any thoughts? Anybody with similar experiences? Or do I just continue contacting each company individually until I find one that I match with?
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Network. Find out where the conferences are and attend them. Find and meet people in the field. Get some education & experience and do some projects, so you can get the people in your network to help you find jobs that you are qualified for.

Consider posting the question again in a while with AI, robotics, automation in the title and tags, to maximize the possibility of MeFites in those fields helping you out.
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Seconding theora55's "network", and suggesting LinkedIn as a way to do that. LinkedIn lets you use your network's network to expand the opportunities available to you. I know people who have gotten gigs (and filled gigs) by asking around on their LinkedIn networks.

To use it effectively, sign up, set up connections to all the people you know, and then start looking through the LinkedIn online job ads - and when you find a job opening, or a company you want to work with, via some other method, use your LinkedIn network to find out if anyone in your expanded network knows anyone at that company. Then, you've got a foot in the door, and someone who can vouch for you.
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3rding LinkedIn. But also check directly with the HR listings for large companies. Places like IBM ship people out for long term project stints and then ship 'em home again.
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