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What cute/pointless web things are out there where visitors to your page/site generate RSS feed entries simply by visiting? Example inside.

I'm having a bit of fun with "My Mini City". If you visit that link, it will generate a timestamped event with the description of "A new inhabitant has come to Kris' Haven.", which it will also add to an RSS feed, which in turn has a link back to the page. Currently I'm using TwitterFeed to forward the event through to Twitter (max 1 per day), which I'm hoping in turn will encourage people to visit the page. And then a daily digest over my Twitter posts gets pushed through Livejournal using LoudTwitter.

It's all thoroughly pointless, but for whatever reason I'm enjoying it. Does anyone know of any other similar sites where mere visits result in (controlled - no free text entry) items being added to RSS feeds?
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