What software makes McCain interesting?
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What software are people (most likely) using to create custom videos for Colbert's McCain green screen project?
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Probably After Effects or Shake, if I had to guess-- something that can be used to quickly key out the greenscreen and comp in the background plate.
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you could ask the people who made the videos...they're all on YT, and i'm sure they'd be happy to tell you what software they used. also, browsing here, i found Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, etc...
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Are there free/cheap alternatives to After Effects for people who want to play with green screen technology?
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I haven't done it personally, but if you're running OS X, you ought to be able to do simple chroma keying with Quartz Composer, if you're comfortable with that sort of workflow.
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I've been planning on picking up a creation station to see what software they include. At thirty bucks, it seems pretty cheap compared to anything 'pro'.
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