Help me find an internship, internationally.
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I'm a 21 year old Canadian university student. I have 6 months free come January and I want to do an internship abroad. I love advertising and marketing. Multinationals are fun, so are random countries. Any tips or opportunities?

I will be in the middle of my third year and I'll be using this internship toward my program's co-op requirement. I've spent a good amount of time in China and definitely wouldn't mind returning. Europe and the Middle East are also high up there. I would prefer not to work in the US, only because it's too close to my own surroundings.

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I have a friend whose Masters is in marketing and she's doing a traineeship in the European Commission in Brussels. They slotted her into a department which deals with intellectual property and innovation or some such thing and she's involved with public communications.

I'm not sure how this would fit with your schedule as it can last up to five months and the next slot begins in March '09, but by all accounts it's a well put together program and it sounds like she's doing interesting work. The pay is pretty good also. Link to the European Commission traineeship homepage.
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