Cleaning service in Brooklyn?
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Can any of you recommend a good, reliable cleaning service in Williamsburg/Brooklyn?

I share an apartment with a patient, understanding, laid-back guy. He's messy, but I'm a total slob. Lately, he's been tightening up on the cleaning, spurred on by his boyfriend. And I'm having guilt about this -- but am utterly incapable of keeping up. I'm rarely home and when I am, I don't want to spend that time cleaning. I just got a large raise, and I promised to cover maid service costs ... but am not sure where to start. We both rely on our computers and cameras, and I am a little gunshy about getting my laptop jacked, etc.

Can any of you recommend either a good, reputable service that will come to Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- or an independent person? Any cost guidelines, expectations are much appreciated as well.

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i live with three guys and we've got a super great cleaning lady who does great work and is very affordable, i can't recommend her enough. we're on the les but she might consider doing williamsburg, mefimail me for her rates and contact info.
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I hired NY Maids to clean my rental when I moved out....and will hire them again once I'm able to remodel my bathrooms. They're bonded and members of the Better Business Bureau. I was happy with their work, but I should have learned the Polish for "I need to use the toilet" (I already knew the Spanish) before they came in.
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