Can you recommend an ABA agency in Los Angeles?
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JobFilter: Can any behavioral therapists out there recommend an agency/company to work for in the Los Angeles area? I have been working with children on the autism spectrum for three years, but desperately need a new company to work for.

The good: Los Angeles is packed with companies that specialize in Applied Behavioral Analysis, so there are lots of choices.

The not-so-good: every company can look wonderful on paper, even the one I work for right now. I'm looking for personal recommendations from people who are working for an ABA-intensive agency. Or even if you don't like where you work, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

Every company will have its downside. But I'm trying to find a place to work where 1) it's not considered funny and cute to sexually harass the men who work here, 2) the people making the decisions actually understand what therapy entails.

Can you help? Your input could really help me make a decision.

If you'd rather email, I'm at abatx1 at .
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The Lovaas Institute. I worked there for four years and it only got better with time.
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I'm not sure what type of license you hold, but if you are BCBA you can get vendored with one of the Regional Centers to provide services (in the spirit of disclosure I do work for as a resource developer for one of the regional centers).
Also most residential facilities are on the look out for good behavioral consultants . These facilities are licensed by community care licensing. Look for "group homes" if you want to work with kids/teens and "adult residential facilities" if you want to work with adults.

These two options let you work for yourself rather than for an agency if you are looking for something with a little more flexibility.
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California PsychCare and Autism Response Team are two companies I work for in Valencia. They have offices throughout southern California so I'm sure you can find one where you are. We are always looking for good therapists :D.
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PS: I love my company. Great therapists and nice benefits. I've been there since February and I see myself staying for a while.
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