Portuguese poem that refers to the Algarve as a "rusted scimitar"?
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CardosaFilter. I'm looking for a specific modern portugese poem which refers to the Algarve as a "rusted Scimitar" (Algarve possibly being Portugese for Scimitar). English translations of this poem do exist (I've seen them), but *any* information would be excellent. I think the poem talks about the destruction of Portugal by tourism.

Cardoso. sorry.
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Sorry. No luck yet, seanyboy. Give me time to ask around and I'll get back to you!

P.S. Algarve comes from the Arabic Al-Gharb, said in tourist brochures to mean "the garden" but actually meaning "the West" (of Al Andaluz) or, I confusingly find after a quick Google, a "large bucket". ;)
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