What Non-Blackberry Phone Can Sync Subfolders?
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Can you recommend a phone that will sync Exchange sub-folders? Getting a BES isn't an option. A phone on AT&T Wireless is preferred.

I work for a small business as the IT support guy. The CFO wants to get a new phone to replace his 3 year old Treo. The one thing he wants his phone to do is sync Exchange sub-folders so that as emails come in he can file them.

We don't have the money for a BES so blackberries are out of the question. Do Windows Mobile phones sync sub-folders? Any other phones you can recommend?
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My 8525 does it (I'm sure the tilt would, too) and I am on AT&T; it's a feature of Windows Mobile. If you want some help setting it up to do so, shoot me an email.
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Cant you just subscribe to the subfolders via IMAP? No need for BES if IMAP is running on your server. Im not familiar with the BB IMAP implementation but if its full featured then it should allow this.
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Oh wait, youre not buying a BB.

Okay then you have a lot of options:

1. Windows Active Sync does this wirelessly with the exchange connector. Although I dont think Ive ever moved items from one folder to another, but I would be surprised if it didnt let you. Your server must support the exchange connector. I dont think the plain-jane exchange install does.

2. IMAP as mentioned above.
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BESX is free for one phone. I use it.
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If you can wait a few weeks the 3G iPhone should do it.
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Seconding bitdamaged. The new iPhone 3Gs have Windows ActiveSync baked in, which will meet your boss's needs.
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Wow. Should have done better research. BESX is perfect for us. Thanks!
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