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What is the etymology of "brand new"? When did it first appear?
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From the OED:
brand-new, a.: Quite new, perfectly new.

Etymology: From BRAND n. + NEW, as if fresh and glowing from the furnace; cf. Shakespeare's fire-new.

c1570 FOXE Serm. 2 Cor. v. 63 New bodies, new minds..and all thinges new, brande-newe. 1714 GAY What d'ye call it? II. v. 28 ‘Wear these Breeches Tom; they're quite bran-new.’ 1790 BURNS Tam o' Shanter, Nae cotillon brent new frae France. 1821 CLARE Vill. Minstr. I. 38 When villagers put on their bran-new clothes. 1824 SCOTT St. Ronan's I. 56 (Jam.) Yeomen with the brank new blues and buckskins. 1858 CARLYLE Fredk. Gt. II. VII. iii. 183 The whole Saxon Army..all in beautiful brand-new uniforms. 1871 MORLEY Voltaire (1886) 131 A bran-new vaudeville.

brand, n. (2.): A piece of wood that is or has been burning on the hearth.
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Oh *that* kind of brand! Wow, thanks.
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Thx matthewr.
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Oh wow, that is not at all what I expected. Thanks for this question, and the answer!
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