Shove off, potato features!
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AdCampaignFilter: Poster in the London Underground that read "Shove off, potato features!" My google-fu has failed and I really want to know what the product was. Bonus points for a poster I can get my grubby little paws on.

It was mid-1999 and I don't remember anything else about the poster. Sadly, I did not take a picture of the poster. Help!
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If no one here remembers the ad, you could try contacting CBS Outdoor, the company responsible for the London Underground advertising.

I searched for Tube ads from 1999 in their gallery, but nothing came up. Only (a selection of) 2007-2008 ads seem to be available.

Image gallery
Here you will find an extensive selection of campaign photos showcasing CBS Outdoor media. Please use the menu on the left to make your selection.
If you wish to obtain an original photograph, please speak to your CBS Outdoor Account Manager or contact our photography team 020 7482 3000.

Or use their contact form.
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I most likely wrong but I've got a feeling this was either a campaign for Smash or some other imitation mashed-potato product or some non-potato corn-baaed snack. Tried a bit of googling but that didn't help
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