Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its carpet time! COOL RUNNERS!
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Where can I get modern, bright or otherwise designy carpet runners online or in Southern California? Long, long, by-the-foot options preferred, but if I find something I like I might just buy several of the same one. Other relevant information: I am allergic to beige.
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you can make your own here: flor
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Don't think they have a by-the-foot option, but both target.com and overstock.com have some cool funky stuff. You'll have to search for "runner" then do a lot of browsing though.
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I have seen rolls of runners in stores like HomeDepot or Lowes. I suppose if you want more then a roll's length, you might have trouble, or they might be able to stitch them together pretty seamlessly. I would expect regular carpet stores to have this sort of thing too.
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Try searching for stair runners. Here is a site that has a bunch, but not too many "designy" ones, but maybe this one? or this one?
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I've seen interesting rugs at H.D. Buttercup; I'm pretty sure they have runners as well, but I'd call just to make sure.
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