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Advice for finding a rental (house or apt) in Milwaukee?

We are looking for a 2+ br rental in Bay View (preferred) or south of there (St. Franics, Cudahy, South Milwaukee). I am scouring Craigslist, but that seems to be the only place I see anything. And there are quite a few Bay View places listed, but we have a dog and a few other requirements and haven't seen anything we want yet.

I have tried newspaper ads (MKE, and Sherpherd Express, Journal Sentinel) but not much is listed. We are doing this from Madison, and have been driving over maybe once/week. I have driven around looking for signs, but that is somewhat less practical since we are usually just in town for the day.

Should I be looking anywhere else for ads? Any other advice?
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Have you tried Start Renting. We're going to be in a similar situation before (and have been in the past) and the only other things I can suggest are trying to drive around Bay View or else post an apartment wanted ad on Craigslist with your apartment requirements. We did this with somewhat strict requirements (three cats) and got a few people that were interested in renting to us.
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Sorry, I see that you already mentioned looking around. You could also try networking if you have any friends in the area.

Good Luck!
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Sheperd Express is Milwaukee's alternative newspaper, they might have listings.

Also, the 'Milwaukee' community on LiveJournal is pretty active, and they have had apartment listings before.
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