Self repair on a drafting table?
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Can I salvage the parallel bar on my drafting table?

I'm starting my very first drafting class this fall and I just bought a used portable drafting table. The problem is that I moved right after purchasing it and somehow during the move, the tension cable that holds the parallel bar in place came unraveled. I can get it to wrap around the four pegs on each corner and make an X across the back of the board but there is still alot of slack and the bar just falls off whenever I move the table. I've never used a drafting table with a parallel bar and have no idea where to start. I feel lost since I'm usually pretty good at fixing things. Can I fix this myself? Where would I find someone else to fix this? Should I give up and use the board without the bar (I don't like this option at all)? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Can you post a picture, or tell us the brand of parallel rule?

Does it seem like the cable has come undone inside the rule (this happens, and can usually be fixed)?
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Best answer: You can get some parts here; more parts and links to instructions are here. Even if yours is a different brand, the diagrams should give you an idea of how everything fits together.
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Response by poster: The wire is still connected to both ends of the bar so, from what I can tell, I think that odinsdream has the right idea and its just a matter of tightening up the tension. I actually think I'm going to try one of the kits from the links that TedW suggested. My board (sorry, but I don't recall the brand) has a spring just like those kits and hopefully replacing that will solve the problem. Thanks so much for the info. and the links!
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