Where can I find good D&D podcasts?
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I need a good D&D-themed podcast. The only one I've found that's still updating is a recording of a game group's actual sessions, but that's not what I want. Ideally, it'll be about running a good game, creating campaigns, &c. Any links for me?

I love podcasts, since they are a way to keep my ears busy at my somewhat brainless job, and I'm looking for just one more of my interests to listen about. I need a good D&D podcast. WotC was running one for a while, but it stopped updating a year ago. I found one on a podcast directory, but it's the uncut audio transcript of one group's gaming sessions. The ITMS podcast directory for games and hobbies only has podcasts that talk about video games, which I read a lot about anyway. Something about good 'ol dungeons and dragons, wizards, etc, is what I'm after. Any suggestions?
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This person does a roundup of all of the D&D realted podcasts he can find. This is the most recent. You can also find the list on www.enworld.org
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A few links from the boyfriend, none of them simply D&D but all of them focused on RPG playing experiences and how to run them better:
Have Games, Will Travel
Sons of Kryos
Mighty Atom
And, of course, The Durham 3 which is sometimes recorded in my living room but with which I am otherwise uninvolved.
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A quick search for D&D podcast on google came up with this one which appears to cover topics relevant to Wizards, upcoming releases, etc.

I found this from Wizard's themselves.

With the new 4E stuff coming out and the relaunch of Dragon Magazine, I think more podcasts will become available.
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The WotC one definitely isn't dead. The podcast archives are just weirdly placed though, and the one that comes up first when Googling is their "3E archive." If you go to this page, it has all of their podcasts.

They are currently running a series as a pseudo-promo where the folks from Penny Arcade and PVP are playing 4E. The link above does not include these, however.
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If you're okay with a podcast about roleplaying games in general, I recommend Fear the Boot. The content quality varies from episode to episode, but they're always entertaining, and I've gained a lot of great gm/dm tips from them. Additionally, their interview episodes have been genuinely insightful, especially the ones with Ryan Dancey and Erik Mona (especially in light of the forking of DnD that may be going on now).
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RPGMP3 has many podcasts and stuff, for quite a long time I was listening to the one of them playing the Worlds Largest Dungeon. Good stuff.
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The Penny Arcade/PvP plays D&D podcast is what sold me on the new edition. It's just four guys plays D&D and captures everything that I'm nostalgic for when it comes to playing.
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Rpgpodcasts.com seems to have a good roundup of them. I hadn't actually thought of listening to a podcast about RPG's until just now, but the more I think about it, the more attractive it becomes...
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Another gaming podcast aggregator: The Gaming Broadcast Network.
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