Wierd Reefer?
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I saw a girl slice a cigar lengthwise, poke it with what looked like a syringe

and proceed to roll it back up into a thin 'joint'. Whether any pot went side I do not know, anybody have a clue what she was doing?
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"It used to be that manufacturers of flavored cigars would inject artificial flavor (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rum, cognac, etc.) into the body of a very cheap cigar with a syringe. While this is still a very common technique used to make flavored smokes, some cigar companies are using a different, more natural approach." Source.
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I smoke cigars and that doesn't sound kosher.
First off, if you "slice through a cigar lengthwise" then what's left to roll into "a thin joint"? Surely both the wrapper and the filling are destroyed - am I missing something?
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The usual blunt-rolling technique is not so much a slice as it is a slit--one cut through the wrapper, not two. Of course, the blunt can't be quite as thick as the original cigar.

To clarify: did it look like a syringe, or just like something long and pointy? A long and pointy thing can be helpful for removing the tobacco from the wrapper.
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Man, there are a lot of blunt-rolling videos on Youtube.
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The only thing I can think of that would be 1) liquid 2) smoked, is PCP.
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Hash oil is liquid, in a manner of speaking. But you wouldn't want to squeeze it through a syringe.
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Why not, box?
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Because it's generally thick and sticky.
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Some people smoke tobacco laced with embalming fluid (which is usually formaldehyde). (The link goes to a raw Internet search that turns up lots of results--pick your source. I don't know which are the most definitive or authoritative on this subject, since there is also a lot of fear-mongering, misdirection, and exaggeration about it.)
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Two other things:

1. Try that same search with "marijuana" in place of "tobacco" and add in "formalin."

2. I knew about this because I did a dictionary entry for a related term, wet, which is what formalin- or formaldehyde-laced joints or cigarettes are apparently called, although the meaning of the term is, so to speak, fluid.
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