Remember a photo of Pink Floyd in Kew Gardens?
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What Pink Floyd album cover (or liner) does this image come from?

My dad just visited me in London, and recalled a certain image from a Pink Floyd album when he toured Kew Gardens. We eventually hunted down the photo I linked, but he doesn't think it's the shot he remembers. The one he's looking for was also posed in front of the Victorian greenhouse, but from a wider angle, showing the band from a distance.

He thought it might have come from the montage on A Nice Pair, but I can't find a scan of the gatefold (or liner notes; I'm not sure how it was originally packaged). I'd be happy to have the album confirmed, but even happier if anyone can point me to a scan online.
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The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
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Response by poster: Hmm. That’s definitely on the right track, but it's not shot from a distance, and I'm sure my dad wouldn't have seen an Italian pressing before the advent of the Internet. Just to clarify, he's thinking of an image from an LP he owned himself, and he's lived in the US all his life. Good to have the info on the photo from that site, though.
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Best answer: As seen on this page, there is this liner notes montage from A Nice the photo in the middle the one your dad remembers? They seem to be wearing the same clothes as in the other two shots linked by you and by Ironmouth.
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(should have added...I *think* that montage is from A Nice Pair, but I don't read Russian and other albums are mentioned.)
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Best answer: It is A Nice Pair - the center gatefold montage. There's tiny boobage in the photo, which makes it nsfw I guess.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll show him this thread, but I think that must be it.
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