One night in Stockholm
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Help me spend a night (and a Day) in Stockholm.

A few friends an me (17-20) are going to fly to stockholm tomorow (the flight ticket was nearly free). We have the Night and the following day. We were not planning to sleep, so we haven't booked anything.
I'm looking for your recomondations for the night and for the day.
I'm looking for a place in the town, where a lot of nice bars are in a walkable place, and where you can have a lot of fun for the whole night. Also recomondations for clubs are welcome (do you have to be 18 to go to one in sweden?, do they care?).
After not sleeping we would need a place to hang out a bit, like a nice park or something. (good breakfest recomondations are also welcome).

And what shall we do the next day?
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1. Do some shopping in the Old Town district. Lots of locally made hand crafted stuff mixed in with usual tourist crap.

2. Go to the Vasa museum. Enjoy.

3. There's another museum, all I can remember is that it features "living rooms by decade" which may not sound fun but is worth seeing.

4. Walk around especially near the water and look at the doors of the older buildings. Very unique and stylized.

5. If you get tired and/or have time, go to a Swedish movie at the big mega theater and see something with English subtitles. Be careful of the concession snacks.
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There's a park on an island where you can hire bikes - when I had a day to spare in Stockholm, I did the Vasa museum (which is brilliant) and hired a bike for an hour and just pootled around. The island park is called Djurgarden (with a little circle on the a) wikipedia link
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Response by poster: a bit misleading: 17-20 are our ages, not the number of people, we are only 4 people
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Especially on a weeknight, Stockholm may not have the variety or the critical mass of party-all-night culture you're hoping for. Here's an article with a few venue recommendations for the wee hours. The central train station will probably be simpler and safer than a park for chilling/napping.

The next day: if you're up for it and you want to push the "surreal sleep-deprived adventure" angle, I can't imagine anything better than the massively inventive, original and stimulating Fun House at Gröna Lund.
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Response by poster: adding to my question: Where is a part of the town we would want to go and look around? It's sometimes hard to find the best part of foreign cities
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I highly recommend the Vasa museum.
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Places open til 3 or later usually have age restriction of around 23 or so. Think the only places open until 5 are around stureplan. Unless you have some incredibly hot chicks with you, you will have problems there.

Kids your age usually just get boozed up in a park. I think Tantolunden in Södermalm still is the most popular place. Bring booze from germany.

There are a few bars/pubs around björns trädgård, södermalm that are mostly frequented by people ~ 20 but I'm to old to really know.

List of clubs. In swedish but you'll understand. Club Killers is the most famous one.

Pretty sure the central station closes at 3. You can't sleep there.

Consider getting a bikepass for the free bikes. Think you can get them at 7-11 and such places.
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I musta missed something at the Vasamuseet ....

Ok, with regards to clubs, 17 is going to be trouble, you have to be 18 to drink, 20 to buy alcohol in the store (specific stores to buy alcohol) and many/most clubs have an age limit of 23 for guys. You might get into the clubs etc by speaking english loudly and claiming to have left your passport in the hotel safe, the swedes are totally nuts about english speakers. Do not get in the queue outside, but do not be obnoxious either, just play friendly and unaware of the customs, usually works for my guests.

If you get in before like 5 or 6 pm, the 20 year old can buy some booze in the boozestore (System Bolaget), the rest of you should absolutly not be in view or they won't sell to him.

You might however be better off going to a concert, Accellerator is on during the time you are here look where it says onsdag:

No idea what the tickets cost tho.

Spend one of the days on Djurgården, go to Gröna Lund, go for a segway tour, rent bikes or canoes and just chill out in the shade (actually, the weathers crap here atm).

What kind of music are you into? If you give a little info we can check the event guides for you.
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Response by poster: if someone could recomend a nice indie rock/rock/pop kind of concert?
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Not a recommendation, just a googling, but how about:

Definitely Dorian

Vampire Lounge
Östgötagatan 41
116 25 Stockholm

Indie, madchester, britpop and drinkies (what it says).

Seems they are famous for icecream coctails, and that their drinks are good prices before 20.00, which is when the club portion starts.

Otherwise there is apparantly "Mashup Wednesdays" at another place, with everything from indie to hiphop.
Kammakargatan 9
111 40 Stockholm

Or, Magic Bus, at
Restaurang Imperiet
Götgatan 78
118 30 Stockholm

The site says oldandnew pop, britpop, indie, soul and beats.

The one that caught my eye I must admit is a club at the Stockholm instiution of "Tranan".
Karlbergsvägen 14
113 27 Stockholm

It's calle Spleen and is described as: French 70s erotic, arthouse music, romantic electronica and coctails. Arty, pretentios disco, old-man rock and everything in between.
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OK kall writing from Gamla Stan in Stockholm...

First, for accomodations, try the youth hostel af Chapman. If that's fully booked try the "vandrarhem" youth hostel at Skanstull.

Skanstull is perhaps better because it's on Söder and that's where you want to be, but the af Chapman is a three masted ship and very cool place to overnight.

Clubs - Petsounds Bar on Skånegatan 80 is where it's at. It's a short walk from Skanstull. The NYTimes had a nice write-up on Petsounds and some other places.

Debaser (at Slussen) is another good choice.

At your ages, don't bother with Stureplan. It's not your scene. Stay on Söder in the region of Götgatan and you won't be disappointed.

Alcohol is super expensive, so do like the Swedes and do your heavy drinking at home before you go out.

Pls. feel free to contact me via Mefi-mail if you need anything whilst visiting my fair city. Enjoy.
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