Recommendations for marketing books.
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What marketing books have you found effective? I'm specifically looking for senior-level strategy books, more specifically in high-tech, but open to general product marketing as well. I'm thinking of things like Davidow's Marketing High Technology or Moore's Crossing the Chasm Thanks!
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I like Doug Hall's Jump Start Your Business Brain. The second printing is sold out at Amazon, the third is due out in October but there are plenty of used copies available.

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: He's a client of mine.
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The Cluetrain Manifesto is a good read. It hasn't aged well -- there is more than a little tech bubble giddiness and fervor -- but it makes a lot of very important points about audience and marketing-as-conversation.
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I like the 22 Laws of Marketing.

There was also a book I once read by some guy who runs mail-order bulk postal-mail crapfloods. He came across as a complete asshole, but he had some good ideas. Alas, I forget the name. Print quality of the book looked like he ran it out of a gestetner. Cheap scammer, I'm sure, but one who knows how to make a quick buck...
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Positioning, by Ries and Trout, is a classic and justly so.
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Purple Cow is one that's been doing the rounds lately to (reasonably) good press.

I would personally recommend books that are more vague like What Clients Love rather than strategy books. For the smaller business or consultancy, however, Get Clients Now is a rather strategic 'how to' book which is handy.
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