Winnie the Pooh needs some TLC
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Teddy bear/stuffed animal repair in New York that doesn't cost a fortune?

I have a stuffed Winnie the Pooh who's about 25 years old and needs some repairs. Mainly, the nose and mouth are ripped and the fur is pretty threadbare.

I tried the New York Doll Hospital, and was quoted $375 ($650 if they replaced the red t-shirt that the bear originally had). I don't know if this is the going rate for repairs, but it's way out of my price range, especially since the bear was originally purchased at Sears and isn't an antique or collectible.

Are there any places in the area I can get him patched up without spending hundreds of dollars?
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What about seeing a tailor, or maybe you know somebody, or their mother, who sews? I'm assuming you are just looking for a "put stuffing back into bear and make him better" type of repair. Or ask your mother if she knows somebody who does the same? You may be able to trade services?

$375? Really? Ouch.
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Maybe try the services/special request portion of etsy? It looks like someone in NY requested repair for her doll that was mauled by a cat, and she is in NY. I don't know if you need to be an etsy member to look at those listings, but if so it's free. Good luck.
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