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Skydiving or Hang-gliding in Vanuatu?

Going back to Vanuatu in November this year for 7 days.

Last time I was going to go Para-sailing but the weather had other plans...ended up doing that in Phuket anyway.

Now I really want to see if I can go skydiving or hang-gliding in Vanuatu.

Google has failed me albeit for one forum where a poster had mentioned a friend had done it there...will e-mail that person and see if I can get a response.

Info on the net makes it seem that I can at least go sky-diving there but no info as to who, what, where etc.

Any help?
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I think the biggest problem you're going to come across is that the internet isn't as widely used in Vanuatu as it it in the Western world (we're talking about a country that is something like 200th on a list of countries in terms of development).

You might have more luck finding a travel agent that will be able to give you more details. You also don't mention where in Vanuatu you're headed - are you spending your time in Vila or Santo or soemwhere more remote?
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Sorry...spending most of the time in Vila and then an overnight stay on Tanna.
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In the main road of Vila (really the only real road in Vila...) there are a couple of tour operators that run tours, activities and all that kind of fun (I spent 2 weeks there in January of this year). I'm not entirely sure that I saw skydiving (requires air strips and areas to land - I don't think that Vila has much of this) but you might be able to go hang gliding. I'm trying to think of areas that would be suitable for a hang gliding launch - and I'm struggling to think of some... but I'll get back to you if I have some sort of revelation. These aren't the sort of thing that you book more than a day in advance - and most certainly not over the internet. You go to the centre and have a chat to the guys who run the show and see what they can do for you.

If you're looking for tips and awesome things to do in and around Vila - email or MeFi mail me, I'd be glad to help you out.

As an aside, for Tanna, I would highly recommend a dSLR (that you know how to use) and a tripod. It is the only way to get photos of Mt Yassur that do it justice. It is the single most amazing thing that I have ever seen.
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