How can I find out Olympic event scheduling without seeing the results simultaneously?
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OlyFilter - Is is just me or is it downright impossible to find out when (and on what channel) a particular Olympic event is going to be on television without finding out the results? In this age of tape-delayed television, but with non-tape-delayed internet results, what is a man to do? Specifically, I want to watch all the Mens Basketball games that are on TV. Anyone have a list? I know there is a game on today (I think at three...) but I'm afraid to look for it online fearing spoiling the results.
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It might be worthwhile to invest in a physical newspaper.
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um, have you tried something like
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You could try going directly to NBC's TV listings without going through their main Olympics homepage. You can also search by specific sport.

And I agree with you: I really wish sites would keep their homepages spoiler-free and require you to click through to see up-to-the-minute results. I've accidentally ruined a couple of events for myself already by glancing at the Washington Post's site.
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Go here, change the sports dropdown to "Basketball" and then change the second date to "Aug 30" and it'll show you a full schedule of every game that will show on TV, and which network (and time) it will be on.
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NBC offers this hour-by-hour guide.
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Three dupes in four minutes. Nice.

If you live in Seattle (or anywhere along the border), you have a nifty live alternative.
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My local cable monopoly has programmed this functionality into the box's channel guide. I hit "main menu" where the search, config, PPV, and other choices are and there's a button marked "Olympics" that just parses the upcoming listings for anything with "olym" in the title.

They didn't make a big deal about it, I found it by accident. Might be worth checking.
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Just as an aside, this is exactly the sort of thing Miguel's MeTa post was about. The question was about American television, yet the questioner just assumed that we would understand that.
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