Seattle: How to sell a nice, newish sewing/embroidery machine
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Where can I find a consignment shop for sewing machines in Seattle? I have two very nice ones , but I know almost nothing about sewing machines and how people sell used ones.

I have one embroidery machine, and one Bernina Artista. They were my mom's, and I believe that I have all the original accessories and books. They were bought in the last five years. I don't sew, so I don't know how one goes about selling lightly used and well maintained sewing machines. I would be willing to go outside of Seattle. I would like for them to end up with someone who loves to sew like my mom did.
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google for "seattle sewing machine repair", most likely any of these shops will have the best knowledge of the used machine market in seattle, if they don't offer consignment seeling themselves.
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You can now sell supplies (and I would suspect machines fall under "supplies") on -- there's a very good chance you'll find a crafty person there who'd love to give them a home.
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Nomisxid's suggestion is good. The sewing machine repair places I've been to usually sell good-quality used machines. (I want to say Northwest Sewing, maybe, up by Northgate?)

Other possibilities:

See how much similar machines go for on Ebay, and sell them via the local craigslist for as much or better.

Seattle Central Community College has an Apparel Design program with (as you might expect) a strong emphasis on sewing skills. I don't know if students are required to have their own machines, but I'd imagine that there are lots of folks in that program who'd love to have a good-quality, lightly-used machine! Contact info for the program is at the bottom of this page--why not just give 'em a call and see what happens?
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Up by Northgate there's Bernina Northwest. I don't think they sell used machines, but I'm pretty sure they do have a bulletin board where you could post a flyer.
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The CCC is probably not going to be interested in these machines as donations - Colleges and schools use industrial equipment due to maintenance issues, and the students won't be able to afford it. (... you guys DO realize that a new Artista sells in the $5,000 range, right?) eBay and Etsy seem like a bad idea for that much money, as well.

I'd side with trying to consign or post it at either a quilter's shop or a sewing store. Almost any repair shop would consign it for you, but most of them don't get a lot of foot traffic, or people in the market for a high-end of a machine. It will probably sit for quite a while.
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