What should I do in Dawson City?
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Yukonfilter: One day in Dawson. What should we do/avoid?

My girlfriend and I are driving the entire Dempster Highway so we can spend one full day and two nights in Dawson City this weekend. Our main goals are to visit Robert Service's cabin and to try panning for gold. The rest is up to you.

What is the best way to try gold panning? I know there is one claim anyone can use, but I don't have a pan. Is there a place that rents just pans? Can I pick one up on the cheap? Or should I go to one of those tourist sites that rent the pan and give a lesson? Which will give me the most bang for my tourist buck?

I'd love to hear about any sleeper attractions, cheap but good places to eat, traps to avoid, etc.

Any thoughts on Diamond Tooth Gerties? We don't gamble.
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I don't know if this is too late, but:
Go see the dredge slightly out of town. As a bonus, there is a gold panning place along the road to it. Claim #6, I think.
Go have a Sourtoe cocktail.
Visit the Midnight Dome at midnight, it's wonderful views, and a very odd sensation if you aren't used to daylight at night.
Go to a reading at the Jack London center.
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