Which satellite radio provider is offering the best deal?
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Which satellite radio provider is offering the best deal?

Im looking to move to XM or Sirius but am not sure who offers better pricing. Along with the subscription I need an in-dash unit that has a AUX input for my mp3 player. I'd also like a removable-face for this too.

Can someone recommend a brand or model? Nothing fancy needed. The cheaper the better. I'm also open to ebay/used/refurb items. I'm not interested in any portable/FM transmitter based solutions. Thanks.
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Response by poster: I'm actually leaning towards Sirius, but I'll settle for XM if there's a sale on the hardware or monthly fee.
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Sirius is currently trying to purchase XM, at which point their content and prices (in theory) should be the same. However, the merger has been held up by FCC legal red tape for 16 months. If the merger doesn't go through there are some rumors that XM might go out of business. I'd stick with Sirius.
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They have slightly different channel lineups which may matter to you. For example, Sirius carries CBC across the US while XM does not. They carry different pro sports broadcasts, etc.
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Don't "settle" for a provider. Both are different in their own right, though both offer a different (and exclusive) selection.

It's no t yet clear what a merger will mean for the station options, though Sirius is more expensive. I currently subscribe to XM and love it, though Sirius has some exclusive stations I would love to have.

Your "deals" are going to be found in installation. Find a local car audio store (or chain store) and inquire about free installation.
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My understanding is that if the merger were approved, you'd most likely need to buy new hardware in order to receive the combined programming - particularly the promised a-la-carte plan. Something to keep in mind. Who knows when that might be, though. Seconding the others that you're better off looking at the current programming choices offered by each and picking your favorite.
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Pricing is more or less the same, just a dollar or two different per month. What should matter most to you in your decision is content. Like Major League Baseball? XM's the only one that has it. Like Howard Stern? Sirius is his home. Bob Dylan's Theme Time is only on XM. And so on.
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There are pricing deals available as well, check out both on sites like retailmenot.com for coupon codes and such. I just signed up for XM (bought a refurb'ed portable on woot, and got service for about half price, paying for a full year).
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