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Hello, I am organizing an event for approx. 40 people coming from Europe and I am looking for a nice venue in Toronto. I live in New York, it's kinda hard to go see them myself, I just need the names of some really nice, posh, blah blah places, since the guests are high scale. Any responses will be very much appreciated. Thanks
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For posh, call the Carlu (which is more of an event facility rather than a restaurant but they do cater) or Canoe. Both are quite posh. Canoe has a private room fror groups of up to 40 according to their website ("Canoe East") or 64 ("East +West"). I assume that price is not an object as these are places I would consider to be pretty much top-of-the-line by Toronto standards. (though someone will probably say how Canoe is so last week)
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Up until about a month ago, I worked in event planning in Toronto. What is the event? Dinner? Cocktail party? Other? What is your budget? What are your dates?

I can definitely recommend a few, but would need more info to tailor my recommendations.
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Goddamn preview..

Yes, Carlu is spectacular. I would avoid Canoe unless you are doing a strictly sit-down-dinner thing. The menu is great, yes, but really the reason to have an event there is for the view.
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Oh, sorry to scoop dnab, but if you want something more "hip", call the Drake. dnab will probably more inspired choices but the Carlu, Canoe and the Drake are all places that are outstandingly obvious for a high-end event to locals.
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the Drake would not be my first go-to for a high-end event... it's a little too rough around the edges (though the menus are unbelievable).

Carlu is definitely first on the list. I would also suggest looking at One King West (it's unbelievable). Depending on how much cost is not an option for you, you might also want to look into renting (part of) the Royal Ontario Museum (expensive but soooooooooooo worth it), or the Gardiner Museum.

For a strictly restaurant experience I would suggest Perigee over anything else--you'd have to take the whole place private for the evening, and it is exactly the right size if memory serves.
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The Great Hall
Sunnyside Pavillion
both gorgeous.
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The event is a cocktail party and the dates are late October.

Thank you all for your answers. They are really helpful.
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no problem, lumidine. I would definitely push Carlu and One King West as your top swanky options. I'll see if I can dig up contact information.
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How about The Fairmont Royal York Hotel? It has dozens of function rooms of various sizes suitable for a cocktail/buffet party that the hotel would be happy to cater for you.
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While the function rooms at RYH are lovely, they're a bit bland for a standalone cocktail party. The property functions much, much better when it is larger functions such as banquets, weddings, etc.
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However, that being said... the Park Hyatt has an incredible rooftop bar that's good for cocktail parties. The view is spectacular.
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My dad had his retirement party at the Park Hyatt. I also got stinking drunk there when I got "laid off" one time. It is indeed an excellent view and a classy bar though the patio will be a tad brisk by late October.
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