Camping suggestions for NC/VA in July
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Where in northern NC or VA should we go camping from July 10-12th?

My girlfriend and I (mid-twenties, outdoorsy, and outgoing/adventurous) want to take a camping trip together from the night of Thursday July 10th to the afternoon of the 12th. She needs to be in DC by about 4-5pm Saturday. We're currently in Raleigh.

Where do you recommend we go?

Things we're really interested in:
- We'd really really like to find a place we can camp next to water, then take out kayaks or canoes to explore with.
- We'd prefer to be relatively far from obnoxious parking lots/roads (but obviously close enough we could walk without much trouble)
- It'd be cool if we could have a contained fire in a fire-pit without getting arrested.
- As close to free as possible
- We'd like to be pretty secluded if possible. Although wandering into a drum circle with lots of friendly folks wouldn't be too bad.
- We'd like a place where there are some pretty hiking trails / mountain bike trails

It'd be great if we could rent the boat near the lake but if we need to rent somewhere along the way thats fine.

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Not being a smartass- I answered the question, otherwise I would not have remembered it.
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New River State Park is located near Jefferson, North Carolina in the protected New River watershed. Available recreation includes canoeing, hiking, picnicking, fishing, camping and environmental education. The park is just off U.S. Route 221 in northwestern NC.

Easy paddling and spectacular scenery make the New River a natural canoe trail for inexperienced paddlers. Its shallow, gentle waters and mild rapids are perfect for beginners, families and groups, but even expert paddlers return to experience the river's beauty and tranquility. Along the course, small tributary streams merge with the river and minor rapids stir the water's surface. The best months for higher water levels are May and June. August and September are low-flow periods. Current flow data.
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Today's Washington Post had a feature about camping near DC--places that are accessible via Metro, even.
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