Inspiration or entertainment? Both please.
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Movie recommendations in which the main character gives up his/her own success or place in society to pursue an unpopular social cause or to help unpopular person or people. Bonus points for movies based on actual events.

I watched Glory recently but thought it was poorly done. Looking for something to redeem the genre and to inspire me.
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Best answer: A Civil Action is one of those movies, and it's based (quite closely) on a true story. It's more depressing than inspiring, though.
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Does To Kill a Mockingbird count? It's not clear whether situations in which the main character *risks* his or her place count.

You might also want to clarify early in this thread whether you really want only the *main* character, or one of the lead characters.
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Gandhi might count.
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Best answer: Ooh! How about Brubaker?
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Response by poster: Preferably the main character.
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Best answer: Local Hero.
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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (the Frank Capra original from '36, not so much the Adam Sandler remake) sounds like it fits the bill, although it's pure fantasy.
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The Constant Gardener?

The book was OK, I found the movie unwatchable due to the horrific "shaky-cam," but it's almost exactly what you're asking for.
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Best answer: What about Schindler's List?
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off the top of my head:

...and justice for all

The life of Thomas Paine truly fits your description. His belief that all men need not be ruled did not stop at the monarchy. If it did I guarantee you there would be no shortage of movies and coins emblazoned with his image. He risked it all to take on the real ruler of men - the church - and died friendless and penniless in the process.
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Best answer: You watched the wrong "Glory" movie.
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Another movie with Liam Neeson that may qualify is "Michael Collins."
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The Painted Veil, sorta-kinda?
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Maybe The Mission fits the bill here. Even if it doesn't, it is a great film.
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It's a Wonderful Life.
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oops I think I read the question wrong- Define "supporting an unpopular social cause"... Unpopular because people don't like it, or because they don't know they shouldn't like it and our hero has to show them the way?
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(not based on actual events)
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Tsotsi might qualify.

Maybe City of God?

Dead Man Walking

Hotel Rwanda
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City of Joy is a good movie, although not a great one.
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Hell, what of Godspell?

That came out wrong, but you get the idea.
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Stand and Deliver.

Seconding Serpico.
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A Few Good Men, maybe? It is loosely based on a true-ish story, I think. I feel like there are lots of courtroom-type dramas that qualify.

Also, while we're on Frank Capra, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is probably a good one to consider.

Gentleman's Agreement, where Gregory Peck pretends to be Jewish to learn about anti-Semitism. He literally gives up his social status there.

I also think The Magnificent Seven might count? But I don't know that they risk their social status so much as their actual lives.
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Saving Grace. Not the British one about a pot-growing widow, but the 1985 release, in which Tom Conti plays the pope. He questions the relevancy of the Catholic power structure and goes on the lam as an anonymous good-deed doing homeless wanderer. Unfortunately it looks as if it hasn't ever been released on DVD, which is a pity. I remember it as a pleasant little sleeper, but on searching I see that the New York Times found it to be sappy, so what do I know?
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Another vote for Serpico!
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(ugh) Jerry McGuire.
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No mention of Into the Wild yet? One of the better movies to come out recently imo.
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Just saw "Talk of the Town" last night, and it has a theme like that. Good movie.
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Twelve Angry Men (either version)
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The Girl in the Cafe
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Does The Insider count? I'm not sure if you can call fighting tobacco execs "unpopular," but the other features qualify: giving up success, and based on actual events.
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"The Sound of Music" would seem to fit. The Third Reich did, after all, have a certain support in Austria. And it's based (loosely) on actual events.
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Europa '51 fits your description perfectly (except for the based on true events part), and happens to be one of the best movies of all time. It might be hard to find a copy, though.
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Also Jack Lemmon's character in The China Syndrome might fit, I guess. Or the title character in Silkwood (based on real events- to what extent I'm not sure.)
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- Norma Rae [Norma sacrifices for greater good]
- Sullivan's Travels [Hollywood director becomes homeless in order to make a truthful social justice movie]
- Nazarin [if you want a slightly sarcastic Bunuelian view of this kind of thing]
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