2004 Olympic Athletes
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I'd like to know the number of athletes from each country competing at the Olympics -- basically, the size of each country's delegation -- for a little project I'm working on. The Athens 2004 site and the news orgs' sites I've checked do not provide such information, from what I can tell.
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I think they are all listed on the IOC site, but maybe not sorted in the right way to get totals. (their database is organized very strangely, there is probably a better list somewhere...)
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Response by poster: Thanks for pointing that out; I'd somehow managed to miss it. (The Athens 2004 site's CMS has been driving me nuts for the last few days: half the time I get different results from the same link.) It'll do in a pinch, unless, as you say, a better list can be found somewhere else.
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If you can find a video of the opening ceremonies, you can fast forward to each nation as NBC displayed the size of each deligation as they were announced.

Low-tech, I know.
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