A Box Set Box for My Blank DVD Cases?
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Do-it-yourselfers: I'm trying to make my own DVD box set. The part that's missing is the box.

To save space on my DVD shelf, I'm trying to get rid of the bulk from some of my TV-on-DVD sets. Specifically...ok, I'll admit it, my full-series collection of "Friends." Those ten seasons take up a ton of room on my shelf. I'm hoping to use 20 dual slimcases or 10 4-in-1 standard-sized cases to consolidate. It would make for a nice box set, except for the fact that I don't have a box to keep the stuff in.

Does anyone know of blank DVD box set boxes? I'd especially like one for the 20 slim cases, since 10 standard-sized cases could stand on their own on the shelf.
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Couldn't find the cardboard boxed set boxes but what about using two 10-disc holders instead? You'd save a lot of space and they should be wide enough to stand up on their own.
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junesix, since the seasons are 4 discs a piece, I was either going to go for the 4 or 8-disc holder to hold one or two seasons at a time. What I was hoping for was the cardboard box to make it look like a legitimate display. But thanks for confirming that my alternative is a good idea.

Any other suggestions, hive mind?
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Get crafty! Boxes are easy to make, and if you're willing to put a few minutes into it, you can make something cooler and sturdier than commercial boxes.

The good stuff for box making is called davey board or bookbinder's board -- it's like a gazillion-ply chipboard. You can get it at an art supply store or higher-end craft store. Other than that, you'll want some strong fabric tape (like a book spine reinforcement tape) and a good craft knife with a bunch of blades. (I recommend Olfa knives with snap-off blades.)

There are great books on box-making, but I bet two minutes with Google would get you some decent plans.

The nice thing about the style of box you're looking for is that it's an open-face design, so it won't require any tricky layout. After it's built, you can cover it with paper (printed or otherwise), or leave it blank -- davey board is a nice soft felty grey color, and looks kinda classy in the right context.
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I'd hit Cdcovers.cc. From the looks of it, each season seems to have at least one cover for a complete season in a single case. Should you wish to go for the two seasons in one case plan, there's a set of 5 covers with a continuous spine that would look quite nice.
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