Accomodation in Philadelphia
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Looking for cheap accommodation ($50-$60?) in Philadelphia near the university for end of July/beginning of August - any recommendations?

I'm attending a conference at the University of Philadelphia and the university accommodation is all full so in need of affordable alternative. Thanks.
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I lived in the area for a while, and accommodations under $100 near the University or Center City don't exist as far as I know.

One thing you might consider is staying near the airport and taking the train to the university. You could definitely find budget hotels in your price range near the airport, and the airport train runs straight to the university without any connections. It's about a twenty minute ride.

I'd also press the conference organizers to do help, even suggest grad students willing to offer a couch, as they've got to know full well that cheap accommodations in the area are non-existent.
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There are a few hostels, although not in University City. Will you have a car to get around?
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I'm assuming you mean UPenn? $50-$60 is not really possible. The Gables starts at about $100.
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You could try craigslist: housing wanted/sublets & temporary.
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Priceline. Before I moved here, I pricelined hotels a few times, and never ended up paying more than $40 or $50 a night, in NICE hotels (Warwick, etc.).

Also, if you're academically affiliated, check out International House Philadelphia... That might be a cheaper option.
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Here are some budget hotels, in the $75-$100 range. I think that's about as good as it's going to get, as the Divine Tracy Hotel is apparently no longer open.
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Response by poster: great suggestions all - many thanks.
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Hey, for extra fun, stay at the Parker Spruce Hotel!
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