Where can I find Huy Fong-brand sriracha chili sauce in Chicago's Hyde Park?
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I know I can get an amazing sampler pack by mail-order for $7, but shipping is $10 additional. Anyone know a brick-and-mortar store in Hyde Park that carries Huy Fong's sriracha chili sauce? Failing that, any recommendations for Chicago's Chinatown would also be appreciated.
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i got mine in the asian foods aisle of my regular megamart in nashville, tn, so i would imagine any large grocery store in a tony zip code will have it.
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Similarly, I get mine at the local Safeway, and have been able to find it in grocery stores everywhere in the US that I have lived -- it is not a rare commodity.
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You can buy it at any grocer along Argyle St north of Uptown or Chinatown as well.
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Try your local Dominick's. In the "International Foods" aisle.
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Oh, after re-reading, are you specifically asking where you can buy a "sampler pack"? I only know of the one version, if that's the case.
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If you want an excuse to go down to Chinatown, that's as good of one as any. There are several groceries down there (in the "old" part, not the new outdoor-mall part) that are sure to have it. But yeah, you can find it in your local grocery store -- I never had a problem, and I was going to the Jewel at Clark and Division (not exactly the ethnic heart of the city).

However -- if you find yourself in Chinatown, I highly, highly, highly recommend Joy Yee's Noodles, which is in the shiny new Chinatown part (north of the old one). Get off the Red Line at Cermak/Chinatown, go down the stairs, and turn right at the big Chinatown arch/wall thing to go north. Once you get to the "mall," it's through the central square with the zodiac statues and to the left, on the ground floor. FANTASTIC fresh-fruit drinks and really good food. I recommend the stone bowl with eel and chap-chae noodles. Mmmmm.
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If you've already tried Treasure Island and Hyde Park Produce, then you've exhausted the Hyde Park possibilities already. I'm trying to remember what my favorite Chinatown market is (they're kind of hard to keep track of), but I think it's the Hong Kong market. If I recall correctly, it's the biggest one I've been to and they have quite a wide selection of chili sauces. (Of course, the markets are so concentrated in Chinatown that if you don't find the sauce in one, you can walk about 20 feet to the next one. Just walk up and down Wentworth between about 24th and 22nd/Cermak.)

If you're willing to travel further than Chinatown, I saw some just yesterday at the Dominick's at 2500 N Clybourn, and presumably they'd have it at other Dominick's stores as well.
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I do not want the sampler pack, although that was something I was considering until I saw the shipping fee.

I guess I'll try Chinatown. I lived in New Jersey 18 years without seeing a single bottle, so I didn't realize how common this stuff was.
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Yeah, it's really, really common. You might even find that there's more than one brand available. But Huy Fong is the best.
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