CSS and WordPress woes.
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CSS, WordPress Themes, HTML: Trying to custom-design my new blog's design; only three images out of ~10 appearing.

As you can see by the above link, my WordPress header is messed up. All that is visible (at least on my end; Mac OS 10.5, Safari) are the 'Portfolio,' 'About,' and 'Contact' buttons. I'm trying to get my header to look like the one on my new Web site (I want the top three bars--light, medium, dark--to be the same, and then the content of my blog.)

At first, those were the only images that were being accessed through a .css file (as rollover links); however, I've since changed the other images to do the same, but still only the first three show up.

What am I doing wrong? Web designers, help!

CSS Document.
Header.php (for use with WordPress).
Right-click --> Save As..., I guess.

Contact: reductiondesign@gmail.com

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I've just validated your CSS and there are hundreds of errors and warnings. Also the code refers to background images which don't exist, like http://blog.dividedframe.com/emptyBGblog.jpg, and background image URLs which don't make sense, like url(/). Hard to know where to start!
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The .css file with 95%+ of the errors is unused (reset-fonts-grids-tabs.css). It came with the theme I used to build mine off of, that's all.

(Thanks for that link, though--should come in handy.)

Oh! Other curious side note: I've been designing this with Dreamweaver, and when I preview header.php in Opera, it works like a charm.
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According to your HTML, you are using that file:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://blog.dividedframe.com/wp-content/themes/DivFrWordPress/reset-fonts-grids-tabs.css" />
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Yeah first step: get rid of first stylesheet link tag in your HTML. Just mention the one you actually want it to use.
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It also looks like you're trying to include dividedframe.css from here:


when it actually lives here:

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[removed three links to blog, please put the URL to your blog in your profile if you want people to look at it, thank you]
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