Mexican spanish help please.
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How would you say "bite my shiny metal ass" [sic] in Mexican Spanish?
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Best answer: Does it have to have Mexican slang in it? In plain ol' Spanish, the literal translation would be "muerde mi culo metalico y brilloso". (I actually had to think about how to say that in a grammatically correct way! I considered using the reflexive "muerdeme", but the rest of the line just didn't fall into place that way.)
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"brillante culo metalico" also works...but as a native spanish-speaker, trust me that it's "muerde mi", and not "morder". that is in the wrong tense.
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The latinoamerican dub translates it as 'Muerde mi brillante trasero metálico.'
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Futurama en español.
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Response by poster: Mexican slang definitely, rather than correct castellano. Bender Bending Rodriguez did not get much of an education.
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Best answer: «¡Díselo a mi brillante culo metálico!»
-- from Bender's bio on the Fox link above.
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Best answer: The Spanish dub of Futurama has "Díselo a mi brillante culo metálico," which I believe translates literally to "Tell it to my shiny metal ass." I don't recall what dialect of Spanish is in the dub, though.
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At least in Mexico the dub is Mexican,it has a lot of regional jokes.
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I live in Spain and i never heard this expression used, or a similar one. If you want to use something more local-flavored, the spanish sure have creative curses.
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The one Birdherder and Jeanne cite is indeed exactly what Mexican Bender says on 'FOOtoorama' (which always sounds pretty Japanese to me, but that's Spanish for ya.)

I can hear it in my head right now. :)
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