Where can I find a bowler hat on my Scotland holiday?
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Where can I find a formal bowler hat in Glasgow or Edinburgh?

I've been watching The Avengers for a few weeks and I've got it into my mind to purchase a bowler hat while I am on vacation in Scotland to visit a friend. I would like a clerk to measure my head and offer just the right-sized hat (my head is large). I'm willing to spend $100-$200 (50-100 pounds, right?).

I'll be staying in Glasgow for most of the trip with a likely day trip to Edinburgh. My friend scouted out a department store for me, but didn't find a single bowler. Google has only given me disappointment. Does anyone know of a proper haberdasher or formal menswear shop (or chain) which carries high-quality bowlers in abundance?
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Best answer: This might be tricky but if you get stuck remember Armstrong's Vintage Clothing in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. You wont get an assistant measuring your head but you might find a good second hand bowler. I like hats and I don't know anywhere else in Edinburgh which would do a bowler. You might have better luck in Glasgow.
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Best answer: Fabhatrix in Edinburgh's Grassmarket does men's bowlers.

Can't think of anywhere in Glasgow that would sell them. Try asking Queens Michelle and Marie at Kingdom Of Style, experts in vintage clothing n millinery in Glasgow.
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Best answer: Could you ring up an Orange Lodge and ask where they buy theirs?
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Response by poster: Heh! I emailed a Orange Lodge in Glasgow and they said "We purchase them from a supplier in London."

I've also emailed a Kingdom of Style writer, but have yet to hear back.

Thanks all. I'll plan to visit Fabhatrix unless anything else turns up.
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Response by poster: Fabhatrix had em in multiple sizes, and I am quite satisfied with my bowler.
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