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GirlfriendFilter: What should my almost-but-not-quite girlfriend of two months and I do to celebrate her birthday?

I'm in the entry phase of my first 'official' relationship. We've been dating exclusively for two months, taking it slow. I'm nuts about her already, and for once in my life, I sense the girl feels similarly. Still, I've been good in demonstrating affection in properly paced ways that don't command a restraining order.

She'll be out of town on her birthday, the 25th of this month. It'll probably be an uneventful day with her parents in an unfamiliar city. Sometime after she comes back I want to do something more interesting for her. We live in Austin, we're both pretty low-key people (therefore making skydiving an unlikely choice), and I don't want to go overboard for a relationship that isn't yet a relationship. Basically, I seek a day/night of fun that is a happy medium between 'dinner + [minor activity] + coffee' and 'giving her dad 20 camels.' This is not to be confused with 'what should I get her as a present'—can't go wrong with a book I know she wants.)
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So wait, are you in a relationship or not? If you've been dating exclusively for two months, you're in a relationship.

Taking her out for a nice-ish meal would be a good idea. If you're already dating, then just the two of you would be fine. If not, then bring friends (and redefine your definition of dating exclusively).
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I think a nice dinner somewhere is just fine at this stage in the relationship. It doesn't have to be particularly special or fancy or expensive, just as long as it's clear that you are celebrating her birthday. Bringing the present along is a nice touch, but not necessary.
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You can always ask her what she'd like to do. By all means be prepared with the best answers in this thread in case she doesn't have anything particular in mind, or so you can combine your ideas with her ideas to make a really memorable event. To my mind at least, the getting to look forward to something and being able to decide what I want is at least equal to the pleasure of a surprise.
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A dinner which required reservations is always fun. Splurge for the appetisers and a bottle of house wine ;-)
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Yeah, treat her to a niceish dinner, maybe with a little present if you can swing it.
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