Where can I find an issue of Architectural Digest from the 20's?
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Where can I find a very old copy of Architectural Digest?

I just found out that the home one of my uncles owns was featured in Architectural Digest in the 20's or 30's (or maybe the 40's or 50's - reliable neighbor who mixes up his dates). Any good place to find old copies of this classic magazine?

I've looked, of course, on ebay - there seem to be plenty of more recent (last 30 years) offerings, but I haven't been able to turn up any antique dealers or bookstores that have extensive collections. Help?
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Go to a college library. They keep old bound collections of a lot of periodicals. If you don't have a college handy, ask at your local library and see about inter-library loan. If you do go to a college yourself, you'll likely find the periodicals in the deepest, least-used stacks.
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Now, if you want a copy to *keep*- you might have a harder time.
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San Francisco Public has a complete run after volume six, it looks like. It should be not super difficult to track down an index so that you can look up your uncle's name and find it. Call/IM/visit SFPL for more information. Once you find the one you want it will be easier to go searching for one to buy if you want to own one.
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Thanks, Jessamyn I'll try that.

Sorry, I should have been more explicit - I want to purchase and gift a copy of this to my uncles, who would be ecstatic to have one to display in their lovely Arts & Crafts home
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You might get by with a good quality scan or color photocopy, professionally mounted and framed.
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Although you'd not likely find anything that old there, your local public library's Friends group may hold a used magazine sale once or twice a year. I always see plenty of A. Digest at those.
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