How to preserve white rosebuds?
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How do you preserve white rosebuds without having them turn grey? Or, alternately, where can you buy dried rosebuds in white?

My mother is adamant that she needs a large supply of small dried white rosebuds for some craft-type things she is making. I've found a lot of suppliers that sell dried rosebuds (boutons) in red, pink and lavender but have been unable to find them in white.

The problem with drying them with air or sand is that they keep coming out greyish. Does anybody know a way around this? She's willing to use some kind of dye or preservative if that will work, as long as it wouldn't just rub off whenever the rosebuds were touched. I haven't been able to find any solutions with google.

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Try searching for freeze-dried rosebuds. I found this one in the US and a lot more in Europe. A bit more expensive.
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