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Does anyone know who the photographer is, or which series this photo is from?

I'm convinced it has to be part of a larger work, there are just too many perfect things going on with this photo: Socks with sandals, cat with a surgery cone, pinch-rolled jeans, the stuffed animals, mustache, prize ribbons, et cetera. I saved a copy of the photo (100866825_5c7f268348.jpg) ages ago from flickr, but when I do a filename search on it now comes up as a private photo - so no luck tracking down who posted it there. I found the above URL for this image through but I'm getting 0 results with any regular image searches. Thanks!
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looks like a Martin Parr to me.
posted by scruss at 2:07 PM on June 22, 2008

Thanks - I'm not sure if it is Martin Parr from the galleries I've found online, but the style is very similar. I'll have to see if the library have any of his books. My search continues...
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Definitely not Parr. The subjects appear to me to be posed, in on the setup (which Parr does not do), and the lighting is atypical of his as well.
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