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Please help me find Korean music. I am learning Korean; therefore, I would like to practice my listening. Not only that, but I'd like to learn as much of the diverse culture as possible. I am looking for anything and everything. I would like traditional and modern, conservative and outrageous, mainstream and alternative. I am looking for soundtracks and singles. I am looking for torrents, radio links, youtube, websites, lyric sites, your favourite songs, songs that you hated, songs with lyrics, songs without lyrics. I am looking for anything that would make this the best Korean music thread on AskMe MeFi. Kamsahamnida.
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Check out Dramabeans - it's a great resource regarding Korean TV dramas and current Korean pop music. You can listen to songs on the site or download them.

On YouTube, orienkorean and parkerlewiscantwin have a great selection of Korean pop music. YouTube also has lots of clips of Korean TV shows, but usually you have to know the name of the show in Korean to find them. If you have reading knowledge of Korean, Naver's music page is a good starting point for exploring a diverse range of Korean music (Naver is the premier Korean search and portal site).

In the U.S. I order my cd's from YesAsia.com. Right now I am waiting for my order of Nell and My Aunt Mary cd's to arrive.
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Ayulyn's collection of Korean Indie (and page 2)

Since you specifically mention torrents, I'm going to assume you're just sampling at the moment and thus morally OK with not paying for all the music you download right away.
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Whatever song is in this animation. That's a cool damn song.
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Start with pansori and Seo Taiji.
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Ethnomusicologist Robert Garfias compiled some traditional Korean sanjo music on his site.

Katullus made a mefi post on the guy a while back.
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> Whatever song is in this animation. That's a cool damn song.

The song, 떳다!! 그녀!!, is by a band called Witches (위치스) and is from their first album. They released their second album in 2006 and are still active according to Korean music sites. There's a couple of their songs on YouTube if you search for their name in Korean.
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Damn, I came in to say the same thing about the song from the bunny-kitty flash song and album. The Witches are great, and the album is worth buying (I ordered from yesasia.com, also, and had no problems). Maybe I can at least add the lyrics (self-link from an earlier MeFi swap; I'm sure there are some transcription errors).
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> Whatever song is in this animation.

Three episodes are available directly from the creators' site, or on YouTube in lower-quality versions.
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Alright, no Garfias link for me then :)

However, I'm quite fond of Korean hip hop group Epik High and you can find a lot of their videos online.

I really like Kim Doo Soo, here are a few of his songs in Real Player format. I'm at work so I don't have time but I'm sure you can find more songs of his online. The song Bohemian is a particular favorite of mine.
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