Breathing some life back into a CD changer.
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I have a 12-disc CD changer mounted in the trunk of my aging car, and it's starting to fail. It refuses to recognize about half of the CDs put into it, and will frequently decide that a given CD is unacceptable at a track transition. It's also a lot more skip-prone than it used to be [exposition inside].

Here's the thing: since the car is well into its golden years, I don't want to put any money into the stereo. I've noticed that every CD player I've ever owned has behaved the exact same way when they crap out; this has me wondering if there's anything a reasonably tech-comfortable user can do to breathe some life back into the player.

And as a bonus question, why do CD players always fail by refusing to recognize discs?
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Open it up and clean the lens.

Some CDs have tighter track tolerances than others, so they are likely to fail first, before other CDs, when the player is dirty or mis-aligned.

Check out the Repair-FAQ's CD section.
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