Where in France can I find some inexpensive privacy?
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I'm looking for a secluded place in France, preferably no more than two hours from Paris by train, where I can read philosophy for two days straight.

On Thursday I've got to be in Paris, but I'm flying there from Berlin on Tuesday morning. I was supposed to have gotten a lot of studying done in Berlin, but got sucked in by the city and its nightlife. Now I'm hoping to arrive at Orly and promptly head somewhere utterly off the beaten track, preferably a nice, small town that doesn't have any renowned sights that I'll feel obligated to check out. My preference is for Normandy, but I'm open to anything: where would you shack up for two nights if you wanted a secluded single room, but had no reservations?
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If I were you I'd find a public library, find a classic travel guide like the green Michelin guide for the area around Paris and choose a nice old town that offers a medieval altar as its main attraction. Pick a hotel. VoilĂ .
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If you truly want seclusion, stay at an airport hotel. You'll have few reasons to leave your room.

"Off the beaten track" can mean different things to different people. Do you want something literally in the middle of a cow pasture, or just a smaller town that's not overrun with tourists but still has a few hotels and restaurants to choose from?
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It's a bit hard to get from Orly to anywhere else except Paris on public transport. If you rented a car, you'd be able to go further afield more quickly perhaps.

Vezelay, in Burgundy, looks lovely and has less than 500 people, and possesses the Vezelay Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a little over 2 hours from Orly.
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I don't know how far it is away from Paris, sorry - and I'm too lazy to Google, but Maury is a lovely and haunted (in a good way) little village.
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Montpellier - 3 hours/15 minutes by train -- and only 6 miles to the sea.
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