Le song is driving me Le bonkers
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Song I.D. filter for the song at the end credits of french film The Grocer's Son

Music for the film is credited to Christophe Boutin, but they are the few instrumental pieces featured throughout the movie.
The song playing at the end was english language.
My best guess is something in the vein of My Morning Jacket or Ray Lamontagne.
I've googled the hell out of this, but alas a lot of the sites that have reviews are french. I even tried amazon france but they only feature the upcoming DVD release. Looking for any help all on this, I was all ready to buy the soundtrack just for the one song but the lack of info is c-blocking me from getting rid of $15 to buy it.
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Do you recall any of the words?
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nope, no lyric retention on this one. I was wondering that maybe the song was tacked on for the american theatre release as a marketing ploy to give it an indie-ish feel to maybe curry favor with fans of "once" or such....and maybe not present in the french release.
or not
That thought just occured to me & maybe that's why it isn't present in any online french credits.
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Is this it? Waterfall by Without Gravity
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These two french language blogs confirm that it is indeed Waterfall by Without Gravity that plays over the end credits - "La chanson du générique, Waterfall par Whithout Gravity est particulièrement touchante." and "La musique est aussi un bon atout au film avec le groupe 'Without gravity' qu'on entend en générique de fin. " Credits is générique in French. Without Gravity are on MySpace where this particular songs is currently playing on the track list.
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great film
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thank you so much wannalol !
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