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Restaurant with ostrich fillets in San Francisco?

My wife and I (both graduate students) are looking for a good restaurant (not Fuddruckers, but not snooty) in San Francisco that serves ostrich fillets to eat at for our two year anniversary.

Does anyone have recommendations for restaurants with ostrich on the menu.
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Don't know of any restaurants, but I hear this place has the steaks for sale. Home-cooked might be a nice way to celebrate!
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It's a schlep down from SF, but La Fondue [link opens as PDF] in Saratoga serves ostrich. As you might have gathered from the name, it's a cook-it-at-your-table fondue restaurant, heavy on the "date-night" atmosphere.
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Lots of Chinese restaurants in town serve ostrich, but not in filet preparation. Eliza's comes to mind, but I've seen it elsewhere too. The Big 4 restaurant on Nob Hill has wild game sometimes, but it's definitely snooty and you'd have to call to make sure it would be on the menu when you're heading there.
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For anyone unaware, ostrich is quite wonderful, and you'll think you're eating fillet beef. Cook as you would beef. It's fairly common in Switzerland (hence, the fondue place recommended above).
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