ISO online community bulletin board type software.
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ISO online community bulletin board type software. I'm looking for one that will be used primarily by non tech savvy folks, and we especially want a feature that will allow us to mark comments read, leaving only new comments highlighted next time we login.

We've been using an old version of Akiva's (formerly O'reilly's) webboard. From the looks of the new version it's pretty different from the older ones, especially graphically. Here is what we've been using looks like.

I googled, and found a list of freeware on I took a look at slashcode, ikonboard and others, including scoop.

The user group will be small, probably less than 30 people. i've setup a group blog with Typepad in the meantime. Which we can mostly live with, except for the 'mark read' feature. none of us want to scroll through archives looking for new comments. And we would rather not have a flooded email inbox everytime a new comment is posted either.

Am I looking for utopia?
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phpBB. Open source, very flexible, runs with MySQL. A lot of hosting companies throw it in with hosting. I administer a couple installations, and it's great, sounds like exactly what you need.
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You could start a tribe on; it's easy to use, lets you upload photos, and has the marked-posts feature.
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Have a look at minibb.

Dead simple to install and template, standards friendly, realtively cruft free and it does what you ask for. They use it for WordPress and I have a small community site that I'd be glad to give you admin on if you want to take a closer look.
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I'll second phpBB.
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys - I'm looking closer at minibb, i will let you know, cedar, where I end up. Thanks for the offer!

In the meantime, I sent a note to the Typepad folks requesting a 'mark read' type feature. We'll see where that goes too.
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